Productions by and about the Fitzgeralds

Current Productions

2013 The Great Gatsby, Dir: Baz Lurhmann, Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton

2004-present Gatz, complete reading and dramatization of The Great Gatsby by the Elevator Repair Service, Director: John Collins
2004-present The Great Gatsby, Play, Director/Adaptor: Simon Levy, the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles


Past Productions: A partial list of productions based on Fitzgerald’s writing

2012 The Lost Decade, Dir: Nic Fforde, Starring: Paddy Loughman, Stephen Chance, Simon Cole

2012 The Dashing Mr. Lowell (Based on story, Crazy Sunday) Short film, Dir: Kevin Tello, Starring: Russell Ferri, Mariella Jacueline, Lee Pillero

2011 Prohibition, 3-part PBS Doc., Dir: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, numerous Fitzgerald quotes

2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, feature (based on the story), Dir: David Fincher, Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton

2001 Ken Burns Jazz: The Story of American Music, (5-part PBS Doc.), Dir: Ken Burns numerous Fitzgerald quotes
2000 The Great Gatsby, A & E Movie, Dir: Robert Markowitz, Starring: Mira Sorvino, Toby Stephens and Paul Rudd
1999 The Great Gatsby, Metropolitan Opera, Composer: John Harbison, Conductor: James Levine, Soprano: Dawn Upshaw, Tenor: Jerry Hadley
1996 The Sensible Thing, PBS American Storytellers (based on the story) dir:  Elise Robertson, Starring: Jason Cole, Kristina Robbins

1987 The Great Gatsby, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Choreography: Lauri Stallings, John McFall, Starring: Christopher Rendall-Jackson and Julia Erickson
1987 Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Pat Hobby Teamed with Genius, Dir: Rob Thompson, Starring: Christopher Lloyd, Colin Firth, John Finnegan
1985 Tender Is The Night, T.V Mini-Series, Dir: Robert Knights Starring: Peter Strauss, Mary Steenburgen, John Heard
1984 Under The Biltmore Clock, (based on Myra Meets His Family) American Playhouse, Dir: Neal Miller, Starring: Isean Young, Lenny von Dohlen, Barnard Hughes
1976 Bernice Bobs Her Hair, PBS Movie, Dir: Joan Micklin Silver, Starring: Shelley Duvall, Veronica Cartwright, Bud Cort
1974 The Great Gatsby, feature, Dir: Jack Clayton, Starring: Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Bruce Dern
1974 F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Last of the Belles, (based on the story), Dir: George Schaefer, Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Danner and Susan Sarandon
1976 The Last Tycoon, feature, Dir: Elia Kazan, Starring: Robert De Niro, Tony Curtis and Robert Mitchum
1963 The Camel’s Back (on Teletale) Dir: Bryan Stonehouse, Starring: Ann Lynn, Edmond Warwick and Arthur Pentelow
1962 Tender Is the Night, feature, Dir: Henry King, Starring: Jennifer Jones , Jason Robards and Joan Fontaine
1962 Crazy Sunday (Dick Powell Theatre) Dir: Jeff Hayden, Starring: David Niven, Dana Andrews, Vera Miles


1959 The Last Tycoon (Armchair Theatre) Dir: Ted Kotcheff, Starring: Bernard Archard, Constance Cummings, William Dexter
1958 Last of The Belles (Kraft Theatre) Dir: Daniel Petrie, Starring: Jody McCrea, Roddy McDowall, Nicholas Pryor
1958 The Great Gatsby (Playhouse 90) Dir: Franklin Schaffner, Starring:Barry Atwater, Patricia Barry, Jeane Crain
1957 Winter Dream (Playhouse 90) Dir: John Frankenheimer, Starring: Richard Joy, John Cassavetes, Dana Wynter
1957 The Last Tycoon (Playhouse 90) Dir: John Frankenheimer, Starring: Richard Joy, Jack Palance, Keenan Wynn
1956 Three Hours Between Planes (Star Tonight) Dir: Charles Mergendahl, Starring: Nancy Coleman, Jack Manning
1956 The Young and Beautiful, Dir: Robert Montgomery, Starring: Robert Montgomery, Lee Bowman, Phyllis Kirk
1955 Tender Is The Night (Front Row Centers) Dir: Brainerd Duffield, Starring: John Abbott, James Daly, Mercedes McCambridge
1955 The Great Gatsby, Dir: Robert Montgomery, Starring: Robert Montgomery, Lee Bowman, Phyllis Kirk
1955 The Dance (on Climaz!) Dir: Allen Reisner, Starring: Barbara Baxley, Janet Blair, Vanessa Brown
1954 The Last Time I Saw Paris, (based on “Babylon Revisited”) feature, Dir: Richard Brooks, Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson and Walter Pidgeon
1953 The Dance, (on Suspense) Dir: Robert Mulligan, Starring: John Baragrey, Katharine Bard, June Walker
1952 Three Hours Between Planes (Lux Video Theatre) Dir: Fielder Cook, Starring: Joseph Anthony, Anita Bayless, Lilli Palmer
1952 Rich Boy, (Philco-Goodyear TV Playhouse) Dir: Delbert Mann, Starring: Kathleen Comegys, Henry Hart, Mary Jackson
1951 The Last Tycoon, Dir: Robert Montgomery, Starring: Robert Montgomery, June Duprez, Robert H. Harris
1949 The Great Gatsby, feature, Dir: Elliott Nugent , Starring: Alan Ladd, Betty Field and Macdonald Carey
1942 Conductor 1492 (based on “The Camel’s Back”), Dir: Charles and Frank Hines, Starring: Johnny Hines, Doris May and Dan Mason
1926 The Great Gatsby, Broadway production, writer: Owen Davis, Starring James Rennie, Florence Eldridge, Edward H. Wever
1922 The Beautiful and Damned, feature, Dir: William Seiter, starring: Starring Kenneth Harlan and Marie Prevost
1921 The Offshore Pirate, (based on the story) Dir: Dallas M. Fitzgerald, Starring:  Viola Dana and Jack Mulhall
1920 The Chorus Girl’s Romance (based on “Head and Shoulders”), Dir: William P. Dowlan, Starring: Viola Dana, Gareth Hughe and Phil Ainsworth
1920 The Husband Hunter (based on “Myra Meets His Family”), Dir: by Howard M. Mitchell, Starring: Eileen Percy , Emory Johnson and Jane Miller

Filmography of F Scott Fitzgerald

1939 Gone With the Wind, Dir: Victor Fleming. Fitzgerald polished screenplay, (no screen credit); Starring: Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable
1939 Winter Carnival, Dir: Charles Reisner, starring Anne Sheridan, Richard Carlson. Fitzgerald fired as screenwriter (no credit)
1938 Three Comrades, feature, Dir: Frank Borzage, Screenplay: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edward E. Paramore Jr., Starring: Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan and Franchot Tone
1938  Infidelity, Marie Antoinette, The Women, and  Madame Curie Fitzgerald worked on these screenplays for MGM but his scripts were rejected
1937A Yank at Oxford, Dir: Jack Conway, Starring: Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan, Molly Beaumont and Vivien Leigh
. Fitzgerald worked on screenplay (no screen credit)
1928 The Pusher-in-the-Face, feature, Dir: Robert Florey, Screenplay: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Starring: Lester Allen, Estelle Taylor and Lillian Walker
1927 Lipstick, feature comedy, United Artists, Producer: John Considine, Unproduced, Screenplay by F. Scott Fitzgerald

About the Fitzgeralds

2013 Sincerely, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dir: Tim Niel, BBC documentary, The Culture Show
2011 Midnight in Paris, feature, (various scenes of Fitzgeralds) Dir: Woody Allen,  Actors: Alison Pill as Zelda,  Tom Hiddleston as F Scott Fitzgerald
2002 Fitzgerald, Showtime movie, Dir: Henry Bromell, Starring Jeremy Irons , Neve Campbell and Sissy Spacek
2001 Winter Dreams, PBS American Masters series, Dir: DeWitt L. Sage, Starring: Laura Linney as Zelda
1997 F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great American Dreamer, A&E biography, Writer: Dierdre O’Hearn
1994 Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, feature, (cameo of Fitzgerald) Dir: Alan Rudolph
1993 Zelda, Turner Movie, Dir: Pat O’Connor, Starring: Natasha Richardson, Timothy Hutton and Rutanya Alda
1990 The Last Flapper, play by William Luce, based on the writings of Zelda Fitzgerald
1983  Zelig, feature, (clip of Fitzgeralds) Dir: Woody Allen
1980  Clothes For A Summer Hotel, playwright: Tennessee Williams
1976  F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood. Dir: Anthony Page,  Starring Jason Miller, Tuesday Weld and Julia Foster
1959 Beloved Infidel, feature, Dir: Henry King, Starring: Gregory Peck, Deborah Kerr and Eddie Albert
1958 The Disenchanted, play, Script by Harvey Breit and Budd Schulberg, Starring: Jason Robards and George Grizzard
1935 The Wedding Night, feature, Dir: King Vidor, Starring Gary Cooper, Helen Vinson and Ralph Bellamy. In early version, characters were named “Scott and Zelda Fitzpatrick”